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Education Edge Now believes that a good online course design begins with an understanding of specific learning outcomes, executive coaching, and different ways to engage the learner, while still allowing the learner to take some control of their learning. 

For this to happen, two of the most common frustrations with online education training need to be addressed; confusing course organization and unclear navigation. Since online learning is challenging enough making sure these problems are addressed before the learner starts is key. Education Edge Now makes sure your course designed in Bayfield, CO is clear and easy to use and navigate so your online learners do not face these additional challenges. 

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Academic Advising

Education Edge Now offers experienced advisers to assist clients who want to better understand online and hybrid learning options. Everyone has different academic needs, so our team offers both strategic and operational advising styles. Our passion is to enhance online learning. Our team will assist you in any way possible. Contact Education Edge Now to create a custom online learning plan with the help of our academic advisors! With our guidance, you will learn to invest in the correct academic resources and create long-term education plans

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Learning Management

Our team offers customized training for your learning management system. Easily manage administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of online and hybrid learning courses with Education Edge Now. Everyone organizes and learns in a different way, and that is why your leaning management systems in tailored to meet your unique needs. Our system will assess your learning goals, track progress and collect data to analyze the learning process. Contact Education Edge Now to talk about your current online education training plan!