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The Education Edge Now consulting team has many years of combined experience in online education training curriculum, adult learning and instructional design. We offer eLearning workshops, remote learning, online classes and webinars. We provide you with the ability to create an effective online or hybrid learning environment that will make the eLearning process more efficient and appealing for companies, educational institutions and governments. Contact us today to learn how we can develop an online or hybrid learning program custom to you! 

We know that a one-size fits all approach is not an effective training approach. Today's workforce is filled with different generations who have different work habits, motivations and varying degrees of technology comfort. Education Edge Now consultants address your eLearning needs of your workforce making the teaching and training of different generations easy. Education Edge Now is available nationwide and can accommodate your needs.  

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Education Edge Now offers experienced advisers to assist clients who want to better understand online and hybrid learning options. Everyone has different academic needs, so our team offers both strategic and operational advising styles. Our passion is to enhance online learning. Our team will assist you in any way possible. Contact Education Edge Now to create a custom online learning plan with the help of our academic advisors! With our guidance, you will learn to invest in the correct academic resources and create long-term education plans.

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Learning Management

Our team offers customized training for your learning management system. Easily manage administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of online and hybrid learning courses with Education Edge Now. Everyone organizes and learns in a different way, and that is why your leaning management systems in tailored to meet your unique needs. Our system will assess your learning goals, track progress and collect data to analyze the learning process. Contact Education Edge Now to talk about your current online education training plan! 

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